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Women's Artistic Gymnastics Program

Advanced Cangym Girls

  • The advanced Cangym program is designed for girls who desire to learn more challenging skills than offered in a recreational program.  This is not a competitive program but it can be used as a stepping stone to progress into the competitive Invitational stream.    The focus of this program is to progress gymnastics skills in a non-threatening environment with no pressure to advance unless indicated by the gymnast.     
  • Often these gymnasts have previous gymnastics experience from the recreational program. Entering this program is by special invitational only.  Ideally these gymnasts are 5-12 yrs old.  The program is 4 hours, 2 hours twice a week.

Invitational Program

  • The invitational program is designed to train gymnasts who possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in gymnastics at a competitive level. 
  • The focus of this program is to develop skills required for competition.  Invitational gymnasts will use these skills within routines that will be utilized in competitions with other clubs.  The gymnasts’ participation in a competition will be determined by the coach and will depend on the athletes’ readiness.  These competitions are invitationals and are meant to provide the gymnast with the ability to compete in a fun atmosphere.  There is no pressure except to “try your best”
  • This program is offered to gymnasts between the ages of 9-18yrs.  It is by invitation only.  Gymnasts enter this program from the pre-competitive or advanced Cangym programs.  Invitational athletes train between 6 – 9 hours/week.

Pre-competitive Program

  • The pre-competitive program is designed to identify and train those children who appear to possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in gymnastics at a competitive level. 
  • Training in the pre-competitive program focuses on physical conditioning, apparatus skill development, and some dance preparation.  In the course of the year the gymnasts will be given the opportunity to participate at Invitational competitions as determined by the coach depending on the athletes readiness. 
  • These events introduce the gymnasts to the format and the feeling of competitive meets in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. 
  • Ideally gymnasts enter the pre-competitive program at the age of 6 and remain in the program until the age of 9.  Often these girls have been introduced to gymnastics at a recreational class.  This program is by special invitation only and the girls must be assessed and selected to enter the program.  Pre-competitive gymnasts will train anywhere from 6 – 16hours/week depending on age and ability.  Following the pre-competitive program gymnasts will advance to the invitational, Provincial, National depending on skill level and potential.  The appropriate stream will be determined by the Head Coach.

Provincial and National Competitive Programs

  • Provincial and National level gymnastics requires a unique range of physical and psychological qualities.  Only a limited number of gymnast have the desire and aptitude to undertake the type of training regime required to attain success at this competitive level.  Training in this competitive program focuses on physical conditioning, technical preparation, dance training, and psychological conditioning.  Each gymnast will learn routines specific to their level.  These gymnasts will compete at several qualifying competitions as well as Championship meets and Invitational meets.   Acceptance into this program is under the discretion of the Head Coach.  Provincial and National gymnasts will train anywhere from 16-25 hours/week.            

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Program

Men's Artistic Gymnastics is comprised of six exciting and demanding apparatus: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar.

Ontario athletes have contributed greatly to the Canadian National Team program and it's international successes. Much of this is due to the talent and hard work of many international gymnasts such as two time World Championship medallist - Curtis Hibbert, and three-time Olympian - Alan Nolet.

Pulsars Gymnastics provides a system through which a male gymnast can fulfill his full potential. From a foundation of recreational gymnastics, guidance is provided through both a Provincial Stream and National Stream Program. Pulsars offers a complete framework of opportunities for athletes and coaches to participate in the sport.

Men's artistic gymnastics is the best way to initiate strong physical basics for all other sport development. Those athletes that choose to continue on with gymnastics past the introductory stages will enjoy the fun and challenge of further developing their coordination and concentration as they begin to perform new elements on the cutting edge of biomechanical possibilities! Men's Artistic Gymnastics is the original 'Extreme' sport!!


Thank you to eveyone that attended Pulsars' Aloha 2015
Invitational & Provincial Qualifier #11!

We extend heartfelt thanks to all the members, staff, coaches, volunteers and sponsors
who made this event a huge success. Many volunteers started preparations last August
when the days were long and evenings were warm. We happened to run a meet on the
coldest weekend in history, but everyone had warm smiles. Pulsars' team of volunteers
and staff did an exceptional job of hosting a very successful and efficiently organized
3 day Women’s Artistic Gymnastics competition. Thank you to everyone who participated
and supported this event. It truly was a delight!

A very special thank you to Jason Burnett, Canadian Olympic Champion in Trampoline and Christina Bisanz, Town of Newmarket Ward 7 Councillor. These two very busy people took
time out of their Family Day weekend schedules to come and visit as well as award medals to the athletes. 
We are grateful to you both and appreciate your generosity.

We would also like to recognize our Event Sponsors. They are part of our community and if you haven’t visited our Sponsors in the past, please show your support now.  You can tell them we sent you!

  • Lighthouse Learning & Development Centre – www.lhldc.com
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 18287 Yonge Street East Gwillimbury www.buffalowildwings.ca
  • Pita Pit, 17120 Leslie St., Newmarket (Located in the Starbucks plaza)
  • GYMagic Inc. www.gymagic.ca
  • Smith Gardens, Farmers Feed Cities Support Your local Farmers.
  • Starbucks, 17130 Leslie Street, Newmarket www.starbucks.ca
  • Triple Flip, Newmarket Upper Canada Mall – www.tripleflip.ca
  • Beautiful You Esthetics, 17817 Leslie St. S. 13 Newmarket 905-836-1515
  • Molisana Bakery, 16635 Yonge St., Newmarket www.molisanabakery.ca
  • Aryzta Passion for good food
  • Smucker’s
  • The Stirling Creamery Ltd.
  • Vince’s Market, www.vincesmarket.ca  

Meet Directors: Monique Rodrigue & Babak Kashef